My love for street dogs was born during a trip in Greece 8 years ago. There I saw really the suffering and miserable life for straydogs in such countries. For me they are the sweetest creatures, with the heart in the right place. Sometimes with a "backpack", unfortunately, often caused by humans.

This matters to met, and maybe you also. So I have something i want to do in the form of a donation. This donation comes from the sale of specially crafted leather jewelry, that the name "Happy Wanderer" have been given.The entire proceeds, are therefor donated directly by me. 

When you normal order, a “Happy Wanderer” leather piece of jewelry (for yourself or to give as a gift) for an amount of €7.50 per order.

You can find the jewelry during the procedure, "proceed to checkout". Tick 1 (or more) jewelry, if you want to buy. Each piece is unique and not on appearance/shape to choose. They are made from the edges of hides and skins, which otherwise may remain unused.

Every half year I make known through the website and newsletter to which the money is donated.


Examples of a "Happy Wanderer" neck jewelry and bracelet;

Happy wanderer

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