Jacintha,1961 Vierlingsbeek, completed the creative training TeHaTex Nijmegen in 1985. She improved her pattern drawing skills in 2015. In addition to her regular job, she has spend her free hours mostly behind the sewing machine, where she realised more and better creations, and designed tough leather clothes and of course self-sewn. In addition to her creativity, in the designing clothing, was for her also the current range of (leather) clothing limited for an enjoyable feel. She has specialized in creations of leather clothing on the basics of the wrap technique. The culture and relationship with nature through the (Hopi) indians has inspired her, so she searched for their important values, behaviors, and symbols.

"The leather that I use for my own creations and for my clients i buy in special shops. For example, if you wear a top, skirt or trousers of this leather, it feels very soft and wears truly like a second skin. You can feel it, as you let glide a piece of leather through your fingers. I find the following properties of my leather creations important: daring and bold, confident look, soft in terms of feeling , strong in appearance, striking, expressive; and perfectly finished; sensual leather, naughty, provocative, confident, perfect fit, follow-up care for breast cancer, couture, cool, and soft, fair leather, provocative, sensual, stunning, sexy, glamorous rock 'n' roll, self-confidence, provocative, outspoken, leather clothing, expression, seen, striking, tattoos, unique style, casual, specialty, flamboyant, seductive, feminine, bold, chic, punk, punk rock, punkblues, stage worthy, white, black, red


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